Best Digital Marketing Curriculum ever

Best Digital Marketing Curriculum Ever

10+ Advanced Digital Marketing Modules


  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Understanding website structure- Domain, Sub Domains, Servers, Hosting, CMS, WordPress website creation, Web Pages Creation
  • Learning basic html tags, Anchor, Images, Urls, Listing, Div, class
  • Create your own website on wordpress. It’s not necessary that every digital marketer needs to work on wordpress, since there could be website not built on wordpress and you might have to work on them. However this will help you understand how websites function. In certain case it will help you create seperate landing pages as well.
  • Implementing tools to capture user behaviour, which is a huge asset when it comes to getting the content and strategies right for acquisition.

Being a digital marketer you know how to build a beautiful website digital marketer it also set a good digital marketing foundation

  • Google ads platform lies at the cores of any digital mareketers arsenal and hence our digital marketing course in pune includes the most detailed, elaborative and exhaustive coverage of Google ads Implementation.
  • Account creation, Billing methods and understanding the adwords structure
  • Understanding payment modes- PPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, and understanding marketing funnel
  • Campaign structuring ,Keyword research and identification,Landing page optimisation ,Ad format and ad copies adwords policies: Text format, Display format
  • Campaign Placement and targeting, Campaign Optimization: Geo-targeting , Bid Managements, time schedules ,Setting automated rule parameters.
  • Adwords Campaign A/B Testing.
  • Programmatic Bidding and automation setting.
  • Targeted ads on Google display network,Dynamic Ads on search network, Remarketing techniques
  • Performance monitoring and Campaign tracking,impression shares, shared library and reports
  • Remarketing list for search Ads
  • Merchant center creation,Data feed creation,Merchant center adwords linking,Shopping ad creation.
  • Google Adwords Certification Assistance

Once you learn Google Ads. You will be able to promote business or product on google which highly important to learn

  • Initial Site Analysis,Competition Analysis, Keyword Research, Keyword Density,Title/Description/Keyword/Other Meta Tags Development
  • Site (URL) Structure Analysis, Web Designing Basics, URL renaming/re-writing, Content Development Check,H1, H2, H3 Tags,Anchor Text
  • Existing Web Content Optimization, Image Optimization, Use of robots.txt, HTML Validation, Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps.
  • Understanding Cannibalisation, canonicalisation, International targeting, Multilingual targeting

Search Engine Optimization will help you learn how to generate organic traffic. Which cut your marketing spend.

  • Understanding how mail servers work
  • Understanding terms- Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Open rate, inbox , spam
  • Mail Chimp Introduction- Sending mail, use templates, landing pages, lead capturing, Mail Automation.
  • Inbound marketing concepts using mail services, customer bucket creation and content customisation

E-Mail Marketing will help you be in touch with you new or existing customers.

  • Facebook- Facebook for business, Opengraph, Page creation, content strategy, hashtags, facebook applications, paid advertisements, Remarketing, AnalyticsMobile app promotions, Techniques to improve downloads and usage.
  • Twitter- Understanding twitter for business, Page creation hashtags, discover, cards, strategies to add followers, Marketing and tools, Analytics. Paid campaignSMS marketing Campaigns
  • Youtube- Channel creation, video promotion, increase viewership, annotations, cards.Social Media Monitoring
  • Linkedin- Content strategies, paid promotionSocial media monitoring tools- hootsuite, awario, social mention, brand24, buzzsumo
  • Instagram- Content, Paid ads

Social Media Marketing will teach you how to create brand awareness over social media. 

Best Digital Marketing Course in Rohini

Learn the Most Demanded Digital Marketing Modules

E-Commerce Website

In this module you will be taught how to create fully responsive e commerce website

Google Analytics

The module will help you to learn how to measure website traffic 

Affiliate Marketing

This module will teach you how to earn money online 


This module will cover to earn money by writing simple blogs

Amazon/Flipkart Marketing

You will be helped to start selling on Amazon & Flipkart

Content Marketing

We will learn how to create eye catching content for our website